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Preparing Mpumalanga to claim its place in film industry




With its headquarter in Mbombela, the Mpumalanga International Film Festival (MIFF) is strategically located, and easily accessible to filmmakers from all over the world.

Mbombela is the capital city of Mpumalanga and a getaway to the province renowned for its fauna and flora such as the Kruger National Park, Panorama Route, and vibrant townships. Mpumalanga offers prime locations for any shoot, from television commercials to movies. It also boasts perfect weather and climate conditions as well as solid infrastructure.

Since its inception in 2013, MIFF has provided a platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft in an enabling environment. To date, the festival has shown 139 films of which 89 were international. The province, being home to the Big Five, Three Rondavels, Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window, and world-class infrastructure, including an international airport, is ideally geared and best situated to meet the needs of filmmakers. In Mpumalanga, Mother Nature and man have combined to ensure filmmakers create perfect moments that last for years.

Mpumalanga International film festival is an annual event showcasing new independent films or recently produced films, high profile and undiscovered talent, established and upcoming filmmakers, student filmmakers, and films from around the world. Festivals normally have two or more screens or venues to showcase films. Accepted filmmakers’ hustle to get their film noticed in the hope of obtaining distribution or favourable media.


Our Mission


We give you

Mpumalanga International Film Festival’s mission is to provide a cultural alternative to the commercial film experience,
and to celebrate and promote the artistic elements of the medium and related ones, and to nurture and promote
the art of filmmaking itself.
Included in the mission will be special consideration for the cultural diversity of South Africa. The office will be a
base to utilize, enjoy, learn, and discover. It will also be a workplace of inclusion and respect, with a focus on the
development of creativity and ideas.

Our Goals



• To create access to independent voices and new stories within specific, undeserved.
• geographic communities;
• To educate filmmakers;
• To grow independent film communities and foster creative collaboration;
• To help create de facto four-wall releases for filmmakers through festival-run programs and partnerships above and beyond the event itself;
• To assist with DIY distribution by offering access to distribution tools through festival-run partnerships with emerging content platforms.

Our Objectives

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• To organize the industry and establish a film office as well as a training and skill transfer center for both experienced and inexperienced young people of Mpumalanga.
• To become very respectful international film festival
• To have the capacity to impact the public opinion.
• To promote creativity by introducing the movies of young directors.
• To be a platform which supplies new screening opportunities for Mpumalanga movies
• To increase the familiarizes of Mpumalanga in which a wide range of different cultures exist in
huge geography.
• To supply artistic foundation to lack of knowledge and gaining identity of cultural origins of the third generation of Mpumalanga population, who have vocations in public and private sectors
• To be a new meeting platform to help Mpumalanga movies to attract attention of international distributing

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Sifiso N Nobela


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Project Co-ordinator


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Marketing Manager